A Heartfelt Thank You from Cristy’s Pizza to Our Local Teachers

By Jenna Malcolm

Cristy’s Marketing Director
May 10, 2024


Here at Cristy’s Pizza, we’re excited to share some big news with our valued customers and  community! We’ve decided to extend Teacher Appreciation Week to two full weeks this  year, doubling our efforts to show our immense gratitude to the remarkable teachers in our  area. Schools such as Liberty Union Elementary and High School, Tarhe Trails Elementary  and its Behavior Program, Medill Elementary, Chieftan Elementary, Circleville Elementary  and High School, Pleasantville Elementary, Chillicothe Primary, and Amanda-Clearcreek  Elementary will be included in our celebration. 

Our teachers are the backbone of our community, shaping young minds and preparing  them for the future. To honor their dedication and hard work, we’re delivering delicious,  freshly made pizzas right to their schools. We hope that this small gesture adds a bit of joy  to their day and shows how much we value their commitment to education. 

We invite all our customers to join us in this celebration. Let’s use this opportunity to  express our thanks and appreciation to the educators who not only teach but inspire and  lead our youth. Their relentless effort and passion deserve recognition and what better way  to do so than with a slice of Cristy’s Pizza. 

Thank you, teachers, for all that you do. We look forward to making these two weeks as  special and rewarding for you as you make every school day for our children. Let’s enjoy this celebration together—after all, it’s the perfect time for a pizza party!