About Cristy's


Jason D. Biggs was a born entrepreneur. He opened his own bank account when he was 10 years old. He mowed lawns, shoveled snow, delivered newspapers, opened a small neighborhood bicycle shop and sold candy out of a little red wagon in front of his house. When he was 12, he bought 10 shares of stock in Anchor Hocking.

His first exposure to the pizza business was in 1988. He worked as a delivery driver with his buddy, Chris Hammack, at a little pizza shop owned by Dirk & Connie Crist called Cristy’s Pizza. After high school, Chris went to work for a five-star hotel in Hawaii, where he learned the meaning of customer service, and in 1990, Jason purchased Cristy’s Pizza.

A year later, Chris rejoined Jason as General Manager and the company expanded with stores in Baltimore and West Lancaster, Ohio. In 2000, Cristy’s moved into Chillicothe, Ohio by acquiring Poppa Dino’s, a top 100 pizza company in the country. With expansion in Logan, Circleville and Amanda by 2007, the company grew to a total of eight locations, including Papa Boo’s “The Lake Place” overlooking Buckeye Lake (www.papaboos.com). Valentine’s Day 2012 marked the opening for the Tiki Lane Grille offering an expanded grille menu and full service restaurant with weekend breakfast.


We believe our customers are in charge, so it’s our philosophy to make and serve a pizza that’s not for just anybody. Our customers will not settle for anything less than the highest quality pizza. That’s why the suppliers of all our ingredients are people who have built their own businesses on quality.

We will never sacrifice that for the sake of asking a lower price. We will also commit resources to quality in technology and people to afford our customers the best, most consistent service anywhere. We always want to be able to talk proudly about every pizza Cristy’s makes.