Community Giving Round-Up Program

By Jenna Malcolm

Cristy’s Marketing Director
April 17, 2024


Within the close-knit fabric of the Fairfield Union High community lies a scholarship program  that encapsulates the essence of compassion and the strength of educational aspirations. The Erik  J. Landis Memorial Scholarship is not just a financial resource; it is a living tribute to a young  man whose generosity knew no bounds. Established by his parents, Scott & Amber Landis, it  seeks to ignite the same passionate pursuit of knowledge and community service that Erik  himself embodied throughout his too-short journey. 

What is the Erik J. Landis Memorial Scholarship? 

This scholarship represents more than just monetary support—it is a nod to Erik’s love for  learning, his pride in Fairfield Union, and his innate sense of altruism. It is designed to support  graduating seniors from Fairfield Union High School, aiding them in their higher educational  institutions, whether that be a university, college, or technical school. 

Who Benefits from the Scholarship? 

The scholarship is for graduating seniors of Fairfield Union High School who wish to further  their education. In honoring Erik’s legacy, the scholarship specifically assists students who show  a strong academic record, are in economic need, and have demonstrated active involvement in  bettering their community. 

Scott Landis: A Pillar of the Cristy’s Pizza Family and Father of Erik 

At the heart of the scholarship’s inception is Scott Landis, Erik’s father, who has been an integral  part of the Cristy’s Pizza family for over two decades. Scott’s journey with Cristy’s Pizza, from  his early days as a Manager in Training at our Lancaster West location to his current role as the  Office Administrator at Cristy’s Headquarters, reflects the same principles of growth and  dedication that the scholarship promotes. 

Interested in Applying for the Erik J. Landis Memorial Scholarship? 

For those inquiring about the Erik J. Landis Memorial Scholarship at Cristy’s Pizza locations, it  is important to us that they understand the depth of connection between the scholarship and our  team. This scholarship reflects our shared values of nurturing potential and giving back to the  community—a sentiment that Scott Landis, a longstanding team member, and his family have turned into a profound legacy. Contact the Fairfield County Foundation at (740) 654-8451 if  you are or know someone who is a Fairfield Union High School Senior interested in applying for  this scholarship. Or visit Scholarships — Fairfield County Foundation to apply.