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When you have a large group to feed, Cristy’s is there for you. Planning a party, wedding, rehearsal dinner, tailgating, business lunch, school or church event, any event with lots of hungry people? We have everything you need to feed your group. We offer pick-up, delivery, and setup services. Contact our catering specialist for more information or fill out the contact form below.

Director of Catering and Event Planning

Kim Preissler

Feeds 10 20 30 40 50 100
Pizza 3 Large Pizzas 6 Large Pizzas 9 Large Pizzas 12 Large Pizzas 15 Large Pizzas 30 Large Pizzas
Subs & Salads 9 Subs & 1 Bigg Salad 18 Subs & 2 Bigg Salads 27 Subs & 3 Bigg Salads 36 Subs & 4 Bigg Salads 45 Subs & 5 Bigg Salads 90 Subs & 10 Bigg Salads
Pizza, Subs & Salads 2 Large Pizzas, 5 Subs, 1 Bigg Salad 4 Large Pizzas, 10 Subs, 2 Bigg Salads 6 Large Pizzas, 15 Subs, 3 Bigg Salads 8 Large Pizzas, 20 Subs, 4 Bigg Salads 10 Large Pizzas, 25 Subs, 5 Bigg Salads 20 Large Pizzas, 50 Subs, 10 Bigg Salad

Pulled Pork / Chicken: Sold by the lb and 1 lb feeds 3-4 people.

Meatballs: Sold by the lb and 1 lb feeds 3-4 people.

Pasta Salad: Pan feeds 35 to 40. 1/2 pan feeds 15-20.

Baked Beans: Pan feeds 35 to 40. 1/2 pan feeds 15-20.

Wrap Trays: We build the tray according to need, can cut in half and thirds depending on need.

Party Orchard Salad: Pan feeds 15-20. 1/2 pan feeds 8-10.

Catering Services

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You determine the time you would like your order to be ready, and Cristy's Catering will have it put together in ready-to-serve containers.

● ● ●

You can determine the time and location you would like your order to be delivered, and Cristy's Catering will have the items there to drop off in disposable pans.

● ● ●

At the determined location and time, Cristy's Catering can drop off and set up your order. Then, they'll return at the pre-arranged time to pick up items from the event and clean up the area. There is an additional fee for this service based on the size of the order.

● ● ●

Get the full service treatment from Cristy's Catering by having them arrive at your predetermined time and location, set up the food and beverage, attend to needs such as refills and clearing of plates throughout your event, and then clean up after. This service does come with some additional fees, including an hourly service charge and gratuity. Reach out to us for more details.

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*Additional items include pulled pork & chicken, pasta salad, baked beans, meatballs, wrap trays.

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