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Quality Ingredients

Quality Ingredients:

Do you know the real story behind what makes Cristy’s Pizza taste so incredible? Well, if you’re going to build a masterpiece, you better start with all the best materials! Sauce made from fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes, authentic Italian sausage, select pepperoni made from a special family recipe, premium provolone cheese, and fresh crispy veggies; Cristy’s specially selects each ingredient that goes into our pizzas. Simply put, “Your Kinda Pizza” is as great as the ingredients that go in it. Hard to believe taste is so uncomplicated!

Quality Tomato Sauce:

Ask a Cristy’s Pizza fan what they love best about Cristy’s and you’ll get many different answers. But what we may be best known for is our sweet and savory tomato sauce.

We searched far and wide to find the absolute best tomato sauce makers in the world. Our search eventually brought us to Modesto, California, with Dino and Tom Cortopassi, the owners of Stanislaus Foods. For more than 70 years, going back to their roots on their small family farms of Tuscany and Liguria, Italy, their philosophy has always been, “Every recipe is good when you make it with really good ingredients!” Stanislaus tomatoes are always fresh and handpicked from their lush green family-owned farms. Each batch of tomatoes is then carefully inspected and artfully blended to create the perfect flavor-balanced sauce that forms the foundation of each of our delicious pizzas. The Stanislaus story is just another reason why “Your Kinda Pizza” tastes so incredible.

Quality Tomato Sauce
Quality Cheese

Quality Provolone Cheese:

Our premium provolone cheese is unmatched against others, and Cristy’s fans can taste the difference. Cristy’s Pizza prides itself in using Grande cheese, a company with a heritage as great as its product.

Grande’s heritage can be traced back to over 100 years ago to a small Italian village called Montelepre, where the Founder, Filippo Candela, was born. After immigrating to America, Filippo made his way to Wisconsin, where he later formed his cheese company, appropriately naming it Grande, the Italian word for “greatness.” Provolone was one of his first cheeses, working 15 hour days perfecting and handcrafting his process. Today, more than 70 years after the founding of Grande, greatness is still being made in Wisconsin. The Grande story is just another reason why “Your Kinda Pizza” tastes so incredible.

Quality Sausage:

The sausage we top our pizzas with is authentic Italian, from a family who is just that. We believe it?s important that our pizza toppings are the best available and we chose Fontanini sausage for our pizzas to create the perfect pizza flavor. Fontanini was founded in 1960 by Oriano Fontanini, an Italian immigrant in Chicago with hopes of living the “American Dream.” The company began modestly with various meats, and involving the entire family in the inner workings of the business process. Through hard work and perseverance, the company grew and Fontanini began delivering to local pizzerias. Today, in the family’s 3rd generation, pizza companies nationwide, including Cristy’s, have selected Fontanini for its excellent product. The Fontanini Italian Sausage is derved from select cuts of pork and seasoned with a unique blend of natural spices, all part of what makes the flavor authentic and brings you right back to Old Italy. The Fontanini story is just another reason why “Your Kinda Pizza” tastes so incredible.

Quality Sausage
Quality Pepperoni

Quality Pepperoni:

There is nothing standard about the pepperoni we use. At more than 78 mm in diameter, Ezzo Pepperoni nearly doubles the size of standard pizza pepperoni. Founded by a former Ohio State football player, Bill Ezzo, the locally-owned company focuses on excellence by proudly using no fillers. The protein content found in the pepperoni is from 100% meat, and the flavor derives from whole seasoning which guarantees authentic old world flavor during cooking for the best-tasting pepperoni available. The Ezzo story is just another reason why “Your Kinda Pizza” tastes so incredible.