Random Acts of Pizza is Back

By Jenna Malcolm

Cristy’s Marketing Director
February 1, 2024


This February, we’re excited to announce the return of the heartwarming tradition of Random Acts of Pizza. As part of our efforts to spread positivity and gratitude, we’re randomly selecting one fortunate customer daily, Monday through Thursday, at each of our restaurants to receive their order free up to $50! A random order number will be chosen Monday through Thursday. This means that anyone could be our next lucky winner!

Random Acts of Pizza has been a beloved tradition, and this February, we’re reviving it. The concept is simple yet powerful: surprise our incredible customers with a pizza to express our appreciation and remind all that loyalty knows no bounds. This February we will make Random Acts of Pizza a special and spontaneous experience for our cherished customers across all our restaurants. By embracing the spirit of gratitude, sharing, and surprise, we aim to make this month a celebration for our community. Join us in spreading smiles and making a difference, one pizza at a time!

The pictures above are some of our lucky winners over the past years. We will be posting photos of the winners on our social media daily so stay tuned and get excited for some fun and some free pizza! Happy Random Acts of Pizza Month!