Serving More Than Just Pizza

By Jenna Malcolm

Cristy’s Marketing Director
September 7, 2023


We are delighted to announce a special collaboration that extends far beyond our menu. Cristy’s Pizza is not just your go-to for a mouth-watering slice; it is a community cornerstone committed to inclusivity, especially for the neurodiverse.

Our Vice President, Jennifer Piper, has personal ties to neurodiversity, making our partnership with the Children’s Dyslexia Center deeply meaningful. “The center’s tutoring gave my son the tools to navigate life more confidently,” Jennifer shares.

In alignment with Jennifer’s commitment to “develop neurodiverse leaders,” we are raising funds for The Children’s Dyslexia Center through our Community Giving Round-Up Program. When you place an order, you can round up your total. These small contributions will directly fund the center’s free tutoring services for children battling dyslexia.

Jennifer’s philosophy mirrors the ethos of Cristy’s Pizza: “Believe in folks until they believe in themselves. Then witness their extraordinary growth.” This spirit imbues everything we do, from our interactions with employees to the experience we offer our customers. When you round up your order, you are investing in the potential of young lives right here in our community.