Take a peak at the Cristy’s Pizza 30 second TV spot featuring testimonials from the Amanda Clearcreek Biddy Wrestlers!

Hayes Kinda Pizza

"We love the classic! It has all the things we like; it has mushrooms, peppers, onions, ham, pepperoni and sausage. It’s the right blend of all the vegetables and the meats and that’s what we like. Everybody loves Cristy’s!"
- Hayes Family

Pats Kinda Pizza

"I’ve been eating Cristy’s Pizza for over 10 years. They’re delicious…It’s always the same every time you get it…We babysit some kids down the street and they are so excited when we order it. They do their own pizza dance and song: We’re getting Cristy’s Piz-za! Pizza! Pizza! Piz-za!"
– Pat Miller

Hines Kinda Pizza

"The Classic Pizza has got everything on it that we like. Everything is just stacked full of all the good stuff…The toppings come clear to the edge and that’s the way we like it! It’s just so delicious! Once you take a bite you won’t want any other type of pizza!"
- Hines Family

Leasures Kinda Pizza

"We’ve been eating Cristy’s Pizza for six years. Our favorites are the cheese, sausage and the Classic. You get plenty of ingredients on each one! We also like to dip our pizza in the Ranch! You pay for what you get and that’s why we keep going to Cristy’s!"
- Leasure Family

Wildermuths Kinda Pizza

"We’ve been eating Cristy’s for as long as we can remember. We have a lot of favorites, but Veggie is definitely one of them. The ingredients are always fresh, you can really tell the difference! What’s the best thing to put into a Cristy’s Pizza? Your teeth!"
– Wildermuth Family